Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Happens So Often We Need a Tape Recorder Handy:

Some of us are acutely aware of our Extrasensory Perception & Telepathy.

We're going to start this site off with an open invitation to everyone who has a good clear example of their ESP in action. It can be something as trivial as knowing who's calling or as complex as a dream that comes true. Let's sort out scientifically what we can and in the process hope to better understand how to flex the ESP/Telepathy muscles for perhaps personal gain and of course furthering the cause for Global well-being. Ideally, you would post a link to your video proof in the comment section.  We'll post your video proof via embed right here on this site and encourage the world to comment on them.  And be sure to be a part of the current Global E.S.P. Experiment:


Grab a piece of blank white paper and a pen.  Close your eyes and picture a small rock with one hole in it.  Now draw as best you can what you imagined.  The hole must go all the way through the rock.  This experiment will examine the potential cluster phenomenon and perhaps help towards understanding the principles of REMOTE VIEWING. Take a picture of your hand-drawn rock and upload it to a free photo file service then supply the simple link as a comment.  I think we'll be enlightened by the similarities and dissimilarities among the entries. To avoid contamination of the experiment you should upload your image link before viewing the others! 

On November 5th we'll examine all the entries and report & discuss the results.